Standard Sequencing

Standard sequencing is a service that sequences PCR products and plasmid DNA requested by customers. Macrogen provides quicker and more accurate services based on the Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing (CES) automation system and extensive experience.

After the results are shipped, expert managers in the sequencing field are ready to provide help until the follow-up.


  • - ABI 3730xl System
  • - High quality results, Normal read length (1,050bp)
  • - Real-time monitoring is possible from order receipt to delivery of the results based on Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • - Results provided within 48 hours of sample receipt
  • - Free basic analysis service provided (homology search using BlastN and DNA sequence orders)
  • - Free universal primer

Standard Sequencing Single/Plate

Standard sequencing can be performed with single tubes and 96well plates.

Single Tube Sequencing

  • - Samples are prepared in individual tubes upon request
  • - Free re-sequencing service

96well Plate Sequencing

  • - Samples are prepared in 96-well plates upon request
  • - Up to 6 types of primer can be used for 1 plate
  • - Competitive price

Additional Service

  • - PCR product purification (both single/plate available)
  • - Gel extraction
  • - Confirmation of concentration by gel running

Difficult Template Sequencing

Difficult template sequencing is a service for sequencing templates that have an unusual structure based on the customer’s information after confirming the standard sequencing results.

* Especially suitable for templates with an unusual structure as below:

  • - siRNA with hairpin structure
  • - Unusual secondary structure
  • - G-rich
  • - Homopolymeric tracts(PolyG)
  • - GT-Repetitive regions

Improved high-quality results can be obtained as shown in the example below.