CRISPR Service

The CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) system is an advanced bioengineering technique used to edit the genes of various animal and plant cells. It has been termed a “third generation gene scissors.” The technology allows specific genes to be deleted, added, or replaced with a different base sequence using cutting enzymes (proteins) extracted from bacteria. It is regarded as an important means of studying diseases and assessing the efficiency and efficacy of drug treatments.

The most active research focuses on CRISPR-Cas9, which combines the guide RNA with the DNA-cutting Cas9 protein. The basic principle is that the location where DNA sequences are cut and edited varies according to the design of the guide RNA that locates the target DNA.

Macrogen is contributing to the advancement of DNA editing technology by working together with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Seoul National University Hospital, and other leading research organizations in Korea and around the world. Our research and services utilize our access to around 50 CRISPR gene editing technologies from the Broad Institute as well as an exclusive license to the “drug-induced gene scissors recombinant vector technology” developed by the team of Professors Lee Eun-ju and Kim Hyo-su at the Strategic Center of Cell and Bio Therapy for Heart, Diabetes and Cancer of Seoul National University Hospital.

Macrogen aims to lead the popularization of CRISPR technologies by combining gene editing techniques with a variety of sectors including preclinical animal model production, functional analysis of diseases and target therapies, and research and development of gene therapies. We aspire to become an enterprise that accomplishes precision medicine and contributes to the improved health of humankind.


Product/Service Features
CRISPR Design & Synthesis Material - gRNA design and oligo production for desired genes
CRISPR gRNA Synthesis Service - gRNA design and synthesis for desired genes
- Provision of the synthesized gRNA
CRISPR Validated gRNA Service - gRNA design and synthesis for desired genes
- Provision of activity-measured gRNA
CRISPR gRNA Plasmid Service - gRNA design and synthesis for desired genes
- Provision of a selected gRNA in plasmid form
CRISPR KI/KO Mouse - Production of knock-in and knock-out mice using CRISPR technology