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myPETGENE provides genetic testing services for companion animals. The genetic testing service of myPETGENE can predict their genetic diseases early and prevent them with customized control, such as improvement in eating habits and exercise. DNA can be used to identify the individual animal and prove blood ties, preventing their loss and abandonment and helping the breeding of healthy companion animals. In some countries, it is already common to obtain the identification of an individual animal and certification for genetic diseases with genetic testing and a culture of breeding healthy animals is established.

myPETGENE regards your companion animals as precious family members. We promise to provide more accurate and superior genetic testing services to seek a healthier life for companion animals and establish a proper culture for companion animals.

Necessity of Genetic Testing

my PETGENE Test Service

Disease Confirmation

Genetic disease testing extracts the DNA of companion animals and analyzes whether there are any gene mutations or structural abnormalities related to certain diseases to verify the possibility of the occurrence of a genetic disease. Genes, which are genetic information-bearing sections of DNA, have a special coded order system. However, if a gene mutation occurs, normal protein is not formed, and a disease happens. Such mutations are inherited from parents or acquired. myPETGENE provides information about genetic diseases by confirming the mutation factors inherited from parents.

The genetic disease testing of myPETGENE is performed to provide definitive diagnoses of possible genetic diseases in companion animals. Testing assists in the early diagnosis, prevention, treatment and health care when there is a family history of genetic disease, although no related symptoms are shown currently, or if there are suspicious symptoms.

DNA Certificate

A DNA certificate is a method used to extract DNA from a sample of a companion animal and show its unique genetic pattern. It is also called DNA profiling. A comparative analysis of the gene loci of two samples can be performed to identify if they are the DNA from the same entity. This DNA can be stored to be used to identify if the entities are the same when the companion animal is lost.

Moreover, this can be used as a certificate to compare and prove the genotype of the companion animal if there is a dispute over ownership. myPETGENE identifies the genotype of each entity using the short tandem repeat (STR) analysis method that displays the difference in repeat frequency of the sequence of the locus of a specific gene.

Blood Relationship Certificate

The myPETGENE blood relationship test is performed to prove the blood relationship of father/mother/offspring by comparing the unique genotype of the companion animal. Since DNA is a genetic material, an offspring forms one pair of genotypes by inheriting one genotype from the father and one from the mother.

The blood relationship test certificate can prove the blood relationship in a scientific way by confirming that genotypes match. This certificate can be used to prove a blood relationship or to reinforce reliability between the breeder and the adopter when adopting a good breed or mating.

Gender Certificate

More than 50% of the male and female birds around the world have a similar appearance, so it is hard to distinguish gender by appearance alone. Just as human females have an XX sex chromosome and males have XY, the gender chromosomes of birds are composed of Z and W. The sperm of a bird contains one Z chromosome, while the egg contains Z or W. Thus, it is the egg that determines the gender. The female is ZW and has a heterochromosome, while the male is ZZ and has autosome.

Sexing of birds is possible by confirming differences in the gender chromosomes of males and females with DNA analysis.

My PETGENE Test Procedure