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Disease Prediction & Wellness Genetic Test

My Genomestory™ is not only predictive of disease, but also provides a variety of test items required to maintain health and establish a balanced lifestyle from nutrition, diet, skin and hair.

  • My Genomestory Blue (Disease Prediction)
    *Test Items:
    Cancers (15 major cancers including lung cancer, stomach cancer
    and colorectal cancer)
    Common diseases (23 major common diseases including hypertension,
    stroke and type 2 diabetes)

    As a predictive genetic testing service for diseases including major cancers and common diseases, this provides advance knowledge on genetic risks of disease to help relieve the indefinite anxiety over any disease and establish a healthy lifestyle.

  • My Genomestory Green (Wellness)
    *Test Items:
    Diet (17 items including obesity potential, appetite and weight loss response
    to exercise)
    Nutrition (16 items including vitamin, calcium and omega-3)

    The most effective way to prevent disease is a healthy lifestyle.
    My Genomestory Green provides genetic information for diet and nutrition in order for healthy diet and effective weight management based on the individual’s genetic information.

  • My Genomestory Gold (Total Care)

    This is our comprehensive genetic testing service that enables inclusion of major optional items required to build a healthy life including diseases (Blue) and wellness (Green).

  • My Genomestory The Plus (Health & Beauty)
    *Test Items:
    Skin (5 items including skin elasticity and pigmentation)
    Hair (male pattern hair loss, circular hair loss and hair thickness)
    Health (6 items including body mass index, cholesterol levels
    and average blood pressure)

    This is a Health & Beauty genetic testing service designed for modern
    lifestyles that pursue both health and beauty. This test provides genetically personalized solutions to those who have had dissatisfying results in skin, hair loss and health management to help design a more effective management plan.

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Gut Microbiome Screening Test

Microbiome exists in our intestines in such abundance that we also call them another genome. As well, several studies have demonstrated that they both directly and indirectly affect diseases such as obesity, atopy, depression and cancer. This is a personalized genetic test that enables scientific monitoring of changes in intestinal health by analyzing the composition of intestinal microorganisms and harmful bacteria.

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* This service is currently in the preparation stage.

Drug Response Genetic Test

The drug response genetic test is a genetic test that helps to establish the optimal personalized drug treatment plan such as drug dose control and prescription of alternative drug therapies by predicting the drug reaction (curative effect, metabolism and adverse effect) according to the individual’s genotype.

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* This service is currently in the preparation stage.