Ethical Management

We at Macrogen make every effort to fulfill our ethical responsibilities and conduct fair
and transparent corporate management practices.

We continue to strive to uphold our reputation as a company trusted by all of our clients, shareholders,
employees, and the local community.

What is ‘Ethical Management’?

‘Ethical management’ refers to management practices wherein the company is aware
of its ethical obligations to all its stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, business partners,
the country and the local community
, and upholds its ethical obligations as a core principle for all its corporate activities.

Macrogen’s Ethical Management Principles

  • 01. Customers first

    We promise to protect the rights of our customers, and make protecting
    our customers’ privacy and personal information a top priority.

  • 02. Protecting shareholders

    Through the effective realization of ethical management, we promise to make every effort to ensure
    the soundness of our financial structure and protect the assets and profits of our shareholders.

  • 03. Joint prosperity with partner companies

    We promise to maintain fair relationships with our partner companies for balanced and mutually beneficial
    growth. We do not encourage our partner companies to engage in unethical or unfair business practices.

  • 04. Respect for employees and directors

    We promise to establish a mature and ethical work culture that is based on mutual understanding and trust.
    All employees and directors must show mutual respect and uphold our zero tolerance policy
    of sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • 05. Respect from society

    We are committed to transparency, fairness, and comprehensive compliance with the law.
    We promise to establish an honest corporate culture that contributes to society and earns us
    the respect and confidence of all our fellow citizens.