Ethical Management

Macrogen’s Ethical Management Helpline is used to report violations
of our ethical management principles.

Please use the helpline to report or submit suggestions regarding possible unethical
or illegal practices by Macrogen employees.

Violations that must be reported

- Violation of customers’ rights by a Macrogen employee

- Unfair transactions, unfair awarding of contracts, leakage of partner company
  trade secrets and the bullying of partner companies

- Unfair stake participation in partner companies, holding of more than one position
  in the company at a time while working at Macrogen, and other usurpation of corporate opportunities

- Illegal acts such as the misuse of corporate funds and/or the receipt of illicit monies or benefits
- Falsified reports, doctoring of documents, and leakage of company information
- Sexual harassment and discrimination/coercion among employees
- Other acts in violation of the law

Filing reports

Please report acts that violate Macrogen’s ethical management principles to

※ Any report sent to this email account is strictly confidential and can only be accessed by a minimum number of security administrators.

Macrogen is committed to the protection of helpline users.

Macrogen is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and protection
of helpline users and their personal information.
We ensure that any person filing a report does not suffer harm due to the report filed.


  • 01. Filing of report

    Please submit a detailed account of the act in violation of Macrogen’s
    ethical management principles to

  • 02. Review of report

    The contents of the report will be thoroughly reviewed. In order to protect the identity
    of the person filing the report, only a few authorized personnel will be granted access to the report.

  • 03. Commencement of investigation

    An investigation will be conducted based on the order in which reports are received,
    and the priority assigned to each report. The investigation period may vary depending
    on investigation scope and persons to be investigated.

  • 04. Completion of investigation

    After the submitted report has been verified, the following actions will be taken.
    Those filing a report will be promptly notified of investigation results.
    - Suggestions and requests:
    The appropriate person/department will be consulted with, and the person submitting
    the suggestion/request will be promptly notified of consultation outcomes.

    - Serious violations:
    The person filing the report will be promptly notified of the results of the internal investigation.
    Follow-up measures, such as special audits and/or legal procedures will be taken as needed.