CEO Kap-Seok Yang

CEO Profile

  • 2018-PresentCEO & President, Macrogen Inc., Republic of Korea
  • 2017-2018Vice President, Diagnomics Inc., USA
  • 2015-2016Senior Executive Vice President, Macrogen Corp., USA
  • 2006-2015CTO & Senior Executive Vice President, Macrogen Inc.,
    Republic of Korea
  • 2002-2005Assistant Research Professor, Ewha Womans University,
    Republic of Korea
  • 2004Ph.D. in Microbiology, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
  • 1994M.S. in Microbiology, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
  • 1992B.S. in Microbiology, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

Message from the CEO

Over the past two decades, Macrogen, through ceaseless R&D and innovation amid the rapidly changing biotechnology market,

has provided total biotechnology solutions to more than 18,000 research clients in 153 countries worldwide. Macrogen provides a variety of services—from gene and genomic analysis services to oligo synthesis services, biochip analysis services, and animal model engineering services. Macrogen boasts superior technical prowess, built upon the outstanding capabilities of each and every one of its employees and their many years of collective experience. Macrogen’s genomic analysis infrastructure is unrivaled among commercial genomic service institutions. To ensure stable and high-quality services, Macrogen has obtained ISO9001 and ISO13485 international quality management certifications, as well as CSP (Certified Service Provider) certification from a wide range of genomic analysis platform suppliers. Through sustained technological cooperation with other leading genomic analysis technology companies, we at Macrogen continue to strive to adopt the latest technologies.

Today, Macrogen stands at the cusp of yet another giant leap forward, building on the technical expertise and reputation we have established in the research market. Working under the new vision of “becoming a leader in global precision medicine by implementing big data that integrates genomic data with medical and lifestyle data and innovating future medicine by predicting illnesses”, Macrogen is actively involved in international joint research projects with numerous research institutions. Furthermore, we have built a network of precision medicine centers with world-class clinical diagnostic laboratories, and are continuing to develop and launch clinical diagnostic services based on the latest genome analysis technologies, including cancer diagnostics. We at Macrogen will continue to dedicate ourselves to R&D and innovation to realize customer satisfaction, while engaging in transparent and effective management practices to become a global biotechnology leader. Thank you.

CEO Kap-Seok Yang