SloganHumanizing Genomics

Macrogen’s slogan embodies the idea of “Benefit all mankind”. We put this slogan into practice by providing personalized medicine to individual patients based on their unique genetic characteristics determined by human genomic data and Macrogen’s data analysis techniques.


MissionWe help everyone to live a healthy and happy life using genome information.

Macrogen aims to identify the causal genes for a wide range of illnesses. By seeking to acquire even deeper knowledge and related technologies, we hope to enable all of humankind to live healthier and happier lives.


Vision‘Global leading precision medicine company’
predicts diseases and innovates the future of medicine through the
Big Data integrated with genome, healthcare and life information.

Macrogen is equipped with the core technologies necessary for reading the three billion+ base pairs in the human genome along with systematic production facilities and highly educated and experienced personnel. By securing huge amounts of genomic data each year through extensive global networks, Macrogen is building a comprehensive big data system that integrates genomic data with medical data. Through ceaseless R&D based on this genomic data, and collaboration with numerous medical institutions, Macrogen aims to become a global leader in precision medicine – a field in which disease can be predicted, therefore prevented, and treatment can be personalized, based on the unique genetic characteristics of individuals.


Core Values


Macrogen is an abbreviation of “Macroscopic Phenotype of Gene”. Our name reflects our research in macroscopic phenomena and phenotypes exhibited in-vivo by genes. Our logo represents a person becoming one with the genome, and Macrogen’s slogan, ‘Humanizing Genomics’. It is our vision to realize healthier living for all humankind through personalized medicine based on individual genomic data.