Macrogen Woman Scientist Award

'Macrogen Women Scientist Award' supports the passion and devotion of women scientists.

Women scientists in the biotechnology field of Korea have generated excellent research results through continuous research and development, thereby contributing to the advancement of science everywhere. The government established the “Act on Fostering and Supporting Women Scientists and Technicians” in 2002 and it currently supports policies that foster women scientists in research or technical posts in natural sciences and engineering by setting the goals and direction of mid- and long-term policies based on the Act. ”Macrogen Women Scientist Award” raises the pride of women scientists and promotes support for outstanding and capable women scientists in basic biotechnology.

Macrogen roots for and supports women scientists, who have many merits such as strong passion for academia, attention to detail, and flexible leadership, so that they can give free reign to their unlimited talents and bigger possibilities.

Previous Winners

14th Winner Joo-Yeon Yoo Professor, Department of Life Sciences, POSTECH

● Winner
Joo-Yeon Yoo
Professor, Department of Life Sciences, POSTECH

● Major Accomplishments in Research
- Identified the mechanism of biodefense against intracellular infection of viruses and bacteria
- Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating influenza virus infection disease