Macrogen Scientist Award

'Macrogen Scientist Award' roots for and supports the scientists of Korea.

Biotechnology has joined IT as the new growth engines for the national economy. In particular, biotechnology, as the applied science that develops new innovative technologies using living organisms, plays a vital role in the developing innovations in medicine, agriculture, energy and the environment and enables them to become high-value added industries. It is not an exaggeration to say that the future of our national economy lies in the hands of good biotechnology students. ‘Macrogen Scientist Award’ encourages and supports scientists in Korea who demonstrate excellence and promising accomplishments in basic biotechnology.

With a sense of responsibility borne by leadership in the global bio industry, Macrogen is fulfilling its social responsibility as a reliable supporter of biotechnology researchers and their participation in boosting the technological competitive power of the nation.

Previous Winners

15th Winner Professor Cheol-Sang Hwang

● Winner
Cheol-Sang Hwang
Professor, Department of Life Sciences, POSTECH

● Major Accomplishments in Research
- Functional and molecular mechanisms of the Ac/N-end rule pathway
- Protein metabolism via N-terminal formylation in eukaryotes
- Reversible cysteine methylation
- Therapeutic applications of the Ac/N-end rule pathway and other novel proetolytic systems