Sponsor of MDA Korea

MDA Korea

Macrogen supports the activities of MDA Korea.

MDA Korea engages in activities to find a cure for muscular dystrophy as well as activities to share information on muscular dystrophy including the benefits for patients belonging to MDA Korea, regular offline gatherings and a consulting service for the diagnosis and care of patients with muscular dystrophy. Macrogen seeks researchers to study muscular dystrophy and supports their studies on rare diseases and creates opportunities to socialize and interact such as the annual spring outing with patients, executives, and employees of Macrogen and mini concerts.

What Is Muscular Dystrophy?

Muscular dystrophy is a degenerative muscle disease that shows progressive degeneration of muscle strength and muscle dystrophy and has the pathological characteristics of necrosis and regeneration of muscle fiber due to the genetic factors.

It is a disease where a specific protein that is lost by mutation of genes such as the dystrophin gene, goes through muscle fiber necrosis and degeneration caused by damage to muscle cell membranes, resulting in degeneration of muscle strength and muscle dystrophy. It occurs in 50 – 60% of the cases caused by deletion of genes and the other 40 – 50% is known to be caused by mutation, microdeletion and duplication of genes.