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[Press release] Psomagen and Macrogen Granted U.S. Patent...  - Patent granted for blockchain technology for data transaction brokerage and sharing between data providers and users- Allows individuals to have control over their healt... 2019-09-17    조회 : 296
[Press release] Macrogen Announces Strategic Investment i... -  Share subscription agreement of 4.1million AUD with Microba-  Microbiome database construction in Asia Pacific region within the year, followed by global ... 2019-06-12    조회 : 353
[Press release] Macrogen Receives GCLP Accreditation - Macrogen is the first and only NGS-based institute in Korea to receive GCLP accreditation- Increased demands from multinational pharmaceutical companies for NGS analysis for c... 2019-05-28    조회 : 301
[Press Release] Macrogen and Exosome Plus to Jointly Deve... - Contract signed for Macrogen to become the exclusive buyer of ‘Exosome Plus’ high-efficiency exosome isolation kit, ‘Exo2D™’- MOU signed for the joint development of... 2019-04-24    조회 : 577
[Press release] Macrogen Becomes the First Clinical Lab i...    -  NGS labs in Seoul headquarters and Bundang Precision Medicine Center become the first in Korea to receive CLIA accreditation-  Only comp... 2018-12-20    조회 : 3,606
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