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Precision medicine represents the most advanced type of medical service that accurately recognizes the difference between patients according to their genes, environment and lifestyle and engages in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on these differences. Among them, the analysis of genes and genomes provides key information about the diagnosis and treatment of diseases including cancer as well as about the prediction of risk for contracting a specific disease. The Precision Medicine Center of Macrogen is willing to lead the realization of precision medicine by engaging in research projects specializing in genome information analysis for all patients.

The most representative example of precision medicine is companion diagnostics for anticancer drugs. It is commonly known that the efficacy and adverse effects are different for every patient because the genome information, which determines the reaction to a drug, is different for each individual; and in particular for cancer, the reaction to a specific anticancer drug is decided by whether there are mutations in specific genes. Based on such facts, companion diagnostics genome testing is quickly being applied in the clinical field.

The Precision Medicine Center of Macrogen discovered the KIF5B-RET fusion gene in a patient with lung cancer, together with the Genome Medical Research Institute at Seoul National University and published the results in a paper featured in Genome Research in 2012.

This result is expected to enable the development of a customized drug for non-small-cell lung cancer patients by developing a RET kinase inhibitor. In the future, Macrogen will develop biomarkers with continuous R&D and bring forward the realization of precision medicine using the biomarkers.

For this, the Precision Medicine Center is accelerating its research on the development of anticancer companion diagnostics based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), circulating tumor DNA analysis and circulating tumor cell analysis and is planning to develop a quicker and more accurate precision medicine testing services and provide them to the clinical field.

Establishment of Precision Medicine Center

To boost research on precision medicine, Macrogen established the Precision Medicine Center at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Healthcare Innovation Park in 2016. With the Precision Medicine Center, Macrogen is reinforcing partnerships with the best international and domestic healthcare professionals and researchers to facilitate research related to precision medicine. The Precision Medicine Center is devoted to the development of personalized medical services and basic research necessary for patients by using the latest analysis techniques required for personalized medical care and the clinical study system of the hospital.

CAP & CLIA Certification

The Precision Medicine Center of Macrogen obtained CAP and CLIA certification. Also, it has established the strict and systematic analysis and quality control systems required for the certification to provide the most reliable clinical genome analysis service based on the global-level quality control system.