ESG Management
Creating a healthier
Promoting health and research for a better future
We are shaping an inclusive
and sustainable future
ESG Management Goals
Satisfied Customers
  • Superior genomic analyses powered by world-class technology
  • Prioritizing the protection of our customers’ rights and personal information
  • Establishing mutually beneficial and sustainable relations with our suppliers and partners
Trusted by Investors
  • Cultivating a corporate culture of compliance, transparency, fairness, trust, and honesty
  • Maintaining a sound financial structure by effectively implementing ethical management
  • Committing our utmost efforts to enhance the shareholder value and communicating with our shareholders
Leader of the global biotech & healthcare industry.
  • Macrogen’s employees continuously take on challenges and seek growth
  • Creating a mature ethical culture based on mutual understanding and trust
  • Respecting colleagues and seeking to grow together with the Company
Committed to Healthy Lives
  • Conducting research and developing technologies for a healthier humanity
  • Strengthening the biotech industry’s basic research capabilities by providing R&D support to scientists