Big Data Institute for Health
Improving the quality of life
through analysis of health information
Providing personalized health care services

The Big Data Institute for Health was established to enhance quality of life by creating value based on extensive amounts of data.

The purpose of the institute is to prevent or reduce the risk of developing diseases that are likely to occur through analysis and prediction of the genome, which contains information about our bodies, using personalized health care services.

Areas of Research
  • 방대한 데이터 활용을 위한 시스템 연구

    System research based on
    extensive amounts of data

  • 유전체 데이터와 진료기록에 더하여 생활습관과 환경 데이터까지 통합한 질병 예측 인공지능모델 연구

    Research on disease prediction
    AI model that integrates lifestyle
    and environmental data, as well as
    genome data and medical records

  • 인공지능 기반의 맞춤형 건강 관리 모델에 관한 연구

    Research on personalized
    health care models based on
    artificial intelligence